Pioneer Pipeline

Weekly source of information for staff. Week of 9/19/16

Important dates this week!

  • Tues., Sept. 20: LOCKDOWN DRILL @ 9:55
  • Wed., Sept. 14: Principal Directed AS, 1:45-3:15 in the Library. Topic: PLC focusing on Behavior and Attendance Data to create SIP Goals.

Lockdown Drill: Reminders

  1. Please review your Lockdown procedures in your GoBinder.
  2. Please review routines and procedures for the lockdown with students. I recommend practicing this if you have time before the drill (Monday).
  3. Make sure you have something to cover the window on your classroom door.

Classroom Walkthroughs this week

Focus: Purpose

  • Are your objectives posted?
  • Are they clearly visible to students?
  • Are they written in student friendly language?
  • Do students know the posted objective and why they are learning it?

Classroom Walkthrough Pre-Assessment Data

This past week I went around to classrooms to collect data on our focus area of Purpose. The data is below. Please keep these questions in mind as I do walkthroughs this week. Unfortunately I only collected data for about 3/4 of our classrooms. Remember that this is only a snapshot of one moment in time. This is a general picture of where we are at the second week of school.


  • When you are sending an email to someone that you want me to know about, but don't need a response from me, please CC me. I have had many emails sent to me and some of them I have been unsure if you need a response from me or if it was an FYI. Thank you!
  • Remember that I might just bring my work into your classroom and sit at the back and work on it. I want to be out and about as much as possible and this allows me the opportunity to do that.
  • Online Safe Schools Trainings must be completed by Sept. 30th.

Safety Reminders

  • All outside doors must be closed at all times. We cannot prop them open for any reason. Please help to make sure the doors at the end of the intermediate hallway and the primary recess doors are closed. These two areas are the trouble spots.
  • Make sure all windows (top and bottom) are closed and blinds pulled when you leave each day.
  • When not in your room, please make sure the door is closed and locked.

Shout Outs!

  • A big shout out to Jessica for helping so many people with technology problems. She makes a big difference!---Tin K.
  • I’d love to give a shout-out to Alia for all of her hard work on the schedule in the spring and continuing into the fall.---Amber Y.
  • A shout out to Tiffany and Russell for providing the awesome Trail Guides to support students at dismissal. Thank you for also being so flexible with bus changes and times.---Gina M.
  • I would like to give a “Shout Out” to Jayne. She redecorated/redesigned an area of the library for me over the summer. Previously the area had a row of computers and a kidney bean table for groups (we were so crowded last year that it became a work space). I had a vision of the area being a reading/collaborating area as well as a puzzle table for large puzzles that kids can work on a bit each time they come to the library. I showed Jayne pictures of what I would like to area to look like (if money were not object) and she used that info to gather/buy items to make it all come together. She sewed all the pillow & seat covers herself making it all removable and washable. Jayne really went above and beyond and I really appreciate her hard work as well as her decorating eye.---Jeanne Z.

(Please continue to send me shout outs via email. Thank you!)

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Duties & Routines Reminders

  • AM Bus/Front Duty: Cassie 7:15-7:35
  • AM Gym Duty: Rick & Amber 7:15-7:35
  • AM Lobby/Hallway Duty: Jenny 7:15-7:35
  • AM Cafeteria Duty: Jayne 7:15-7:35
  • AM Crossing Guard: Gina L.A. 7:15-7:45
  • PM Dismissal Traffic Control Duties: Rick, Kim, Cassie, & Denisse 2:05 until students are gone
  • PM Classroom Dismissal Check-off: Jeanne. Please check-in with her to let her know your class is out.
  • PM Crossing Guard: Dee 2:00-2:20


  • PM: Dismissal: We now have four buses (776-yellow, 777-blue, 779-purple & 726-green). Please make sure to stay with your students until all buses leave and all of your students are picked up.

  • Attendance Reminder: is done in Synergy and needs to be in by 8:00. If students are late, they must stop at the office to check in and get a late pass. Late passes should be returned to the office by the end of each day. If a student comes late to class without a late pass, please send them back to the office to get one.