The Diary of Anne Frank


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"List of People Associated with Anne Frank." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 11 Dec. 2015

Peters Van Daan's Biography

Peter was born on November8, 1926 and grew up in a quite rather large town Osnabruck Germany. He had a good home life and had quite weathly perents. He went to the same school as Anne but never saw him. When they moved into the annex they never saw him and he was very shi towards Anne until the last month or so. He had a cat named moushi and he loved that cat more than anything that was his life in the annex he said if the cat goes then he goes.

First theme

In the diary of Anne Frank the first theme" hope can carry you through the life's toughest storms" is seen throughout the book. On page 396 everybody was hoping for the invasion to happen and finally after a year it had happened "AN INVAION HAPPEND" And when Mr Frank returned to the annex he was ashamed for how happy and outgoing and loving she was in contraction camp "it seems strange how someone would be so happy and outgoing in concentration camp but Anne had all of that" " she puts me to ashame" page427

Second theme

One of the themes is you have to be courageous in life if you want to accomplish something " you can face anything In live with courage" page327. This goes more for Meir and mr Kraler because mostly if they get caught helping them the could go to concentration camp or GET SHOT RIGHT THERE. "Father told me we were going into hiding" and "we've never done anything illegal " cause if they get caught then there just digging themselves a bigger hole all on page 327
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Peter and his cat

I think the symbol that represents Peter the best is his cat. It only make sense because that's the only thing he ever spends time with he. He made the comment when his mother said thT the cat had to go that if the cat goes he goes. How the cat represents Peter is there quiet and shy and lonely with out each other. For Anne it her pen but Peter it's his cat

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