Campus Improvement Planning

by Debbie Drew and Karen Thompson

Session Description:

Come join us for an opportunity to begin your Campus Improvement Planning process.

During this session, our goal is to provide you with resources and guidance to make the CIP process less cumbersome. Attendees will receive:

  • Brief overview of CIP Requirements
  • Resources to simplify and assist with implementing the CIP process.
  • Resources to evaluate the quality of CIP (if chosen for a random validation).
  • Work time to get started with CIP

Work Time:

  • Prior to lunch, participants will be given time to begin working on their CIP process, specific to your individual campus/district needs.
  • Region 8 Staff will be available to assist or provide guidance.
  • Participants will be welcome to continue working on their planning process after lunch or free to leave. Consultants will be available to participants and their teams for whatever time you choose to use.

We recommend that you bring the following:

  • Electronic and hard copy of your current CIP
  • Electronic device to work on your CIP
  • Team members who will be involved in your CIP process.

When, Where, How?

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time: 9:00 - 4:00

Where: Region 8 Service Center - Dogwood (1st Floor)

Workshop Session #: 41389

To register, please visit:

For Question or Assistance, Contact:

Debbie Drew

Karen Thompson

Suzann Young