Kids Art Workshops at the Museum

April 24th: Spool Knitting

Spool knitting (also called French Knitting and Corking) has long been a way to teach children the basic principles of knitting. It traditionally uses a spool and a number of nails to knit a narrow tube of fabric that can be used for a variety of projects. We’ll make our own spool knitters out of cardboard tubes and paper clips, and get knitting!

While you’re here, students can also take a look at spinning wheels and other fiber tools in the Museum’s collection to learn how yarn and fabric were made though different eras.

May 29th: Thaumatrope Toy

Thaumatropes were a popular children’s toy during the 1800s. Commonly credited with being the first cinematographic devise, a Thaumatrope consists of a piece of cardboard with a picture drawn on each side and two pieces of string attached to the cardboard. When the thaumatrope is rapidly spun, the pictures on either side of it merge into one!

Students will learn about the optical principals behind the Thaumatrope, and then design and create their own!