Who will I be in 20 years


My description is a tall,skinny, blonde headed, white kid. I have blue eyes and a 31 year old man. I speak English. I have 3 kids named, Addison, Collin, Leah. Makayla is my wife.

Famous Words

Fun Facts. We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship zooming threw the sky.



Graduate from high school and get an education at culinary art institutes of America. But first I will play basketball at nc state and get drafted by Oklahoma city thunder and I will be # 7. I will open a bake shop when I retire from basketball. The bake shop will be named brown sugar bakery.

A leader because...

I'm a leader because I am a role model to children who want to be in the nba. I will give back to the community by making treats for homeless people.