Mission Solar Possible

We're on a mission to persuade you into using SOLAR ENERGY!

Here is the superhero, ProPossible.

1.) solar energy is renewable.

2.) If it's cloudy outside, you can buy a special box that can conserve some of the energy.

3.) solar panels are low maintenance and easy to install.

4.) Solar is a free source of energy because the sun will never stop shining.

5.) Solar energy doesn't pollute, it's quiet, and it's efficient.

6.) It reduces electricity cost, it's abundant, and sustainable.

This is our enemy, Comander Cons!

1.) You can't use solar energy if it's cloudy or has any bad weather conditions, or if its night.

2.) The cost of solar cells are 1,000 dollars or more for I panel.

3.) requires lots of space.

4.) Solar energy is also intermittent

5.) Can't use in certain places.

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This is ProPossibles sidekick, FunFacts

1.) It takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from the sun to the earth.

2.) Can be installed on top of many roofs.

3.) Doesn't kill fossil fuels.

4.) You can also sell the energy to other people.

Comander Cons Partners in crime.

WIND: Kills birds, noisy, no wind no energy, takes lots of space, requires heavy up front investments to be installed.

BIO: Smelly, expensive, requires lots of space.

HYDRO: Droughts, cost lots of money, limited reservoirs, greenhouse gasses, kills marine life.

GEO: Causes earthquakes, water usage, high construction cost, can be difficult.

So are you going to switch to solar energy????????????