The Real Indiana Jones

Job Overview

"Archaeologists are social scientists who conduct excavations to recover, study and preserve such artifacts as ancient ruins, tools and ceramics. Their objective is to learn more about the culture and evolution of extinct civilizations. Depending on their education, they may work for archaeological firms, museums, historic site preservation organizations or government agencies (Archaeologist: Educational Requirements for a Career in Archaeology." N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Jan. 2014.)." Archeologists may specialize in areas such as documents, bones, or time periods. A common work activity is going on excavations or "digs." This requires certain skills depending on the equipment being used as well as knowledge of how to recover the artifacts found so they do not break.

Education and Pay

To be an archeologist, a Bachelor's degree or higer is required. A Bachelor's degree is needed for entry level positions such as an assistants position on excavations. Master's and Doctorates are needed for high-level areas in field work or museums, government offices, etc.. Degrees in anthropology are also highly encouraged because it and archaeology are closed related, but depending on the area of archaeology you are interested in it may or may not be needed. Between 2010-2020, the pay for archeologist is expected to raise 21%. As of 2012, the average pay was $57,500. This can differ though. Some archeologist are freelance with no guarantee of pay, others are hired and have a fixed pay grade.


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