Miranda moons

By Ashley J


Miranda is the 11th moons of Uranus. It has a diameter of 300 miles and the 5th biggest moons of Uranus. Miranda was discovered in 1948 and by Gerard Kuiper. Miranda was named after a character in a shakespearean play she was a daughter of prospero, a magician.


Pictures of Miranda surface were taken by Voyager 2. It is dark and icy because it is half water ice and half rock. Miranda surface look like a jigsaw puzzle. It has huge faults, deep canyons, steep cliffs, smooth plains, rift valleys, craters. The canyons can be 12 miles deep, and the caiff are 6 to 10 mile high. The average temperature is -335 degrees Fahrenheit.

Orbit and Rotation

Miranda takes 1.41 Earth days to orbit Uranus. Its Rotation is synchronous with it's orbit. This mean the same side is always facing Uranus.
Uranus Moon Miranda

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