Blueprint for Business Workshop

Leadership Principles for Business

Have you been tempted to sacrifice your integrity in exchange for success?

As a Christian business leader, it can often feel as if sacrificing our integrity is the only way to succeed. And the decision to maintain our integrity means giving up our ability to prosper in the competitive marketplace. In The Blueprint for Business: Leadership Principles, we’ll take a hard look at what God has to say about business, integrity, and prosperity.

Why should I put God first in my business?

If we desire to prosper in business, the most important thing is to humbly accept the fact that everything we have belongs to God. If we are not faithful with what He’s given us, it is unlikely He will bless us with success.

Can I keep my integrity and still be successful?

Walking with integrity is not easy or popular--but it has many benefits! Discover how to release the power of integrity in your business.

  • What does it mean to work with “excellence” and does it really matter?
  • It’s not easy achieving excellence in business, but neither is following Christ.
  • Excellence comes from handling the details well and with passion.
  • Does God have a higher purpose for my business?

You may have a business plan, but God has a ministry plan for your business. Learn how to recognize and reach God’s true goals for your business.

It’s time to put God’s plan for your business in motion. And our Blueprint for Business: Leadership Principles workshop is exactly the place to start!

Free Book

Workshop includes a free copy of Rick's book, How to Prosper in Business

Rick Boxx

Rick Boxx, President and Founder of Integrity Resource Center, is an internationally recognized author, speaker, management consultant, CPA, former bank executive, and entrepreneur. His books include How to Prosper in Business without Sacrificing Integrity, Integrity Moments, and FIRE in the Workplace, a study on living God's principles at work.

Blueprint for Business Workshop: Leadership Principles

Friday, Aug. 30th, 7:30-9am

6711 W 121st St

Leawood, KS

Cost: $20.00 • Register Online!

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