Water conservation project

By: Ian Cantu

List the places on earth where water is found.

Air, rivers, lakes, oceans, ice caps, glaciers aquifers.

How much of earths surface is covered by water?

About 71 percent of earths surface is covered by water and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent.

How much of that is drinkable water?

2.5 percent of fresh water

summarize the water cycle.

The surface runoff evaporates and turns into condensation and than turns into precipetation.

What is the estimated amount of water that humans will consume in a lifetime.

14,600 gallons if you live till 80 years old

What does this equal to daily.

64 ounses of water

List 3 startiling facts about water

  • As little as less than one dollar can provide water for children all over the world.
  • 30% of fresh water is in the ground.
  • In just one day 200 million people lack accses to water.

How long can a human go without water?

About 3 days if your an average water drinker.

What are symptoms of dehydration?

Dry sticky mouth, sleepiness, dry skin, headache, extreme thirst, sunken eyes.

How does dehydration affect the body?

Water makes up a lot of your body but when it gets low on water than you get what is called dehydration and you get a dry throat, stomach hurts, dry skin, and rapid heartrate.