How Bad Do You Want It?

Greatness can be achieved by anyone who wants it.

NBA Motivation 2014- How Bad Do You Want It? (Hard Work Beats Talent)

My interests are:

  • Helping and impacting the lives of others.
  • Going to church.
  • Hunting and Fishing.
  • Track.
  • Basketball.
  • Volunteering.

I am left brain orientated which means:

  • uses logic
  • detail oriented
  • facts rule
  • words and language
  • present and past
  • math and science
  • can comprehend
  • knowing
  • acknowledges
  • order/pattern perception
  • knows object name
  • reality based
  • forms strategies
  • practical
  • safe

My personality type is ENTP which means:

Love, Excitement and Challenge

They display great humor and optimism and tend to be enthusiastic, talkative, clever, good at many things and constantly striving to acquire additional competencies. They are fascinated with new ideas and are alert to all possibilities. They value their inspiration above all else and strive to turn their ideas into reality.

Often irreverent and outspoken

they easily see flaws in arguments and often enjoy taking the other side of an issue. Most ENTP’s like to test limits and believe that rules are meant to be bent (if not broken). ENTPs are born enterprising. They have strong initiative and operate on creative impulse. ENTPs deal imaginatively with social relationships and often have a great number and variety of friends and acquaintances.

Personality Type can be a gateway your ideal career, relationship, parenting and even your sales and networking. You can learn more about your personality type by purchasing a Custom Personality Type Report.

Congratulations, you are an ENTP.

Learning your type is the first step towards a new job, a new career, or a new approach to life.

You see possibilities everywhere! Imagine if your job let you work with a team of similarly intelligent and innovative people to come up with creative solutions to challenging problems. You deserve that job. But first, you have to overcome the main obstacle that gets in the way of many ENTPs. Learn that and there will be no stopping you.

Self Esteem:

I have high self esteem.


I have good values.

My hobbies are:

  • Hunting.
  • Fishing.
  • Track.
  • Basketball.

Kruder Results:

Not sure I don't remember...

Future education:

Whatever god leads me to do.

Suggestions for careers:


Future career goal:

To be successful and help others.

Desired lifestyle:

Whatever god leads me to do.

Society is stupid: