John Wesley Powell

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Growing up

John Wesley Powell was born March 24,1834. He grew up wanting to help people. His dad was the one who inspired John to want to help people. He grew up and went to the army he lost one of his arm it had to be amputated. At that time Powell new what was right to get the arm cut off. He left the arm for three years and he went back a few years later when the war ended he became the professed at the Natural Science in Illinois. He got married in 1861. He died September 24, 1902 In Haven, Maine

Being in The Army

John was really strong and brave when it came to him being in the army and having to have his right arm amputated. He new what was the smart thing to do. He had to leave and come back three years later. He is a famous man he came back three years later and fought a little longer. When the war ended he became the professor of The Natural Science in Illinois. He was a strong man he was a hard worker he never gave up. He is a strong man who followed his dreams. In 1869 He and some strong men set off to explore the Grand Canon. Some of them men left him during that he was devastated that they left but he still new they could make it they all new that if they left they would have a long walk all the way back. It was him and one man left back behind with him and the one kind man that never gave up and they ended up finding the way on that trail and they made it all the way there and all the way back. It was a rough way back with just two men and one boat and a few left overs . He never knew that they could make it that far. And he never for got them men that left before they ended there trip. He new them men would not survive with no food or water so they must have been dead by the time they get back to there home town.
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