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Week of February 22, 2021

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Working together; succeeding together.

Daily Screening

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Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Welcome back

Your dreams were

Your ticket out

Welcome back

To that same old place

That you laughed about

These are the opening lines to the theme song for a great old show called Welcome Back Kotter. I am sure that most will not have heard of it as it was even before my time (which my kids tell me was a really long time ago). I use these lines to open our first Bear Blast after February break to illustrate something I think we all feel, we want what we had, we want what we took for granted. Many times I have envied people whose professions and careers have remained largely untouched (at least in day-to-day operations) by COVID-19. I was envious of the people who could go about their day without a mask, without worrying about sanitizing or making sure others were sanitizing. However, as the February break progressed I was struck with a realization that I had not had before; it was me who was actually lucky. This started with hockey practice on Tuesday, the day the government had released that they would extend the current measures to March 19. Many people (and by many I mean the 5 parents in the stands) were discussing their disappointment, hoping there would at least be a small change. I thought to myself that I was not that surprised and was a bit confused as to why I did not have the same sense of disappointment (I chalked it up to the fact that I was on holidays - who can be disappointed on holidays). Then the next day as I traveled to Saskatoon to accompany my mom to a doctor's appointment I heard a coop employee at the Wakaw gas stations comment that he too was disappointed. He said that we had been under the restrictions so long, they seemed like they had always been there. It was then that it struck me how lucky I was to work where I do.

You may be confused, as we are also under many of the same restrictions as everyone else, but hear me out. I realized that, at the school, we have had a series of small victories in terms of our battle to return to normalcy. We have recently started up our basketball teams (albeit in a very different structure), we celebrated 100th day (a couple of days early) and we had our Jump Rope for Heart Event (also a slightly different structure). These are all things that we used to do and loved to do. In fact, if you can ignore the masks (which we are slowly learning to do), things are starting to feel a lot more normal than they did a few months ago. In fact, as the rest of February break progressed, I was reminded again and again that things outside the school have not changed nearly as much as we would have hoped or liked. In fact, I got a real sense of just how not normal things are, far more than I do when I am at school. So much so, in fact, that today at the sledding hill when I asked a student if they were ready for school tomorrow and they said, "sure, what about you?" I said, "you bet, I can't wait to get back to normal."

So, tomorrow, I will return to my normal and I will understand if they people I was envious of are a little bit envious of what we have, a slowly (very slowly) returning sense of normal. This is not just getting used to normal for now, but we are actually seeing progress toward normal that was.

Welcome back!

New Device Policy Reminder

We are excited to be starting a new initiative to create a more positive learning environment for our students. As of Monday (Feb 22), students will be required to leave their devices in their lockers during class time. We are confident that this will create a learning environment with far fewer distractions. Thank you for your support as we navigate this.

Ready to Cook

Miss Hoffus' Home Ec class is ready to get cooking, literally. The students were very excited to show off their newly made aprons.

Student Teachers

Our Environmental Science 20 class was very happy to share their knowledge of the Greenhouse Effect with our grade 1s. They were completely enthralled. Thanks to Mr. Bloski and his students for sharing their knowledge.

Happy 100th Day

It was a little bit early as the 100th day is actually tomorrow, but the grade 1s were very excited to celebrate the 100th day. They gathered 100 things and came dressed as 100-year-olds. They did remarkably well, jumping rope for a bunch of old people.
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Fersters Fruit Sale - 1 Week Left!!!

We are once again partnering with Ferster's Market to bring you our annual Citrus Sale. We will be selling Navel Oranges and Pink Grapefruit (see pdf below for details on the product). Each box of oranges contains 36-44 pieces and each box of grapefruits contains 24-28 pieces. This is a great fundraiser for our school. Although, extracurricular has been greatly limited our van expense remains and this fundraiser can help us to greatly offset that cost. We are asking that each student try and sell 2 cases.

In order to carry out our fundraiser in a COVID responsible manner, we will NOT be accepting cash payments. All payments will be made online (see button below).

Steps to order:

1. Click the button below.

2. Click Add Student/Staff


4. Select Porcupine Plain Comprehensive School from the Drop Down Menu

5. Click Submit

6. Click Purchase Items

7. Choose Orangers or Grapefruits from the dropdown menu

8. Enter the number of boxes you would like.

You should see your item in your cart.

9. You can now add more items to your cart. (Follow steps 6-8).

10. Enter your credit card information and click process transaction.

We will contact you with pick up information when we have a delivery date.

See pdf below for step by step instructions with pictures.

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Jump Rope for Heart

Our Jump Rope for Heart event was a huge success.

Huge thanks to all the students who gathered pledges, we raised just over $400 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Huge shout out to Tamra C. who was our top pledge getter.

Also a huge shout out to Amber Hoffus and Johnston Agencies for sponsoring the event. Each student was gifted a brand new (and super colorful) skipping rope.

A great time was had by all students as they jumped rope and learned about heart and brain health. Thank you to all the students and staff who made the day a huge success.

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Basketball at PPCS

We have been given the green light to start up basketball!

Things will look a little bit different to ensure that we are in compliance with Sask Health regulations.

  • 3m physical distancing at all times.
  • Masking is mandatory at all times.
  • Bring their own water bottle.
  • No snacks or food.
  • Groups of 8 students maximum.

Practice Schedule (Schedules may change, always check with your coach.)

Mondays = 5/6 Boys (3:30-4:30)

Tues = Jr. Boys (3:30-4:30) Sr. Boys (7:00-8:00)

Wed = 5/6 Girls (3:30-4:30)

Thurs = Jr. Girls (3:30-4:30)

Upcoming Events

Feb 23 - Agriculture Appreciation Day

Feb 26 - Last Day to Order Fruit

March 4 - Women in Sport Virtual Conference

March 9 and 10 - 3 Way Conference/Check In - stay tuned for details.

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders came home last week. The class code was included on them. When you use this code, it earns points for our library that can be redeemed for free books. You will enter the class code at checkout. The flyer prices are good until the end of February, more titles are available when you log in online. If your order is more than $35.00 the shipping will be free and will ship directly to your home. If your order is not $35.00, a $3.50 shipping fee will be applied to your order. Contact Mrs. Boutin at (306) 278 2288.

Caroline's Hot Lunch

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we had to make the difficult decision to shut down our Bear Bites (hot lunch) program for now. We know that this was an inconvenience for many families. This is why we are so excited to let you know about a program that Caroline's restaurant is starting. Many of you may have read about it on Facebook. Please see below for more information. All orders must be placed directly with Carolines.
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Youth Group (Beyond Discovery

Youth group is open to all students in grades 7-12.

Youth group is hosted Friday nights at the youth room at QCP.

Contact Heidi Leech or Mrs. Wasyliw if you have any questions.

What is different at PPCS?

PPCS COVID-19 Parent Guide

Please read the attached document which outlines the start-up and safety plans for PPCS (and all NESD schools). There is some school-specific information at the end of the document.

Welcome to #stillbestyearever