Video and Audio Challenge

Video/Audio tools for sharing and reflecting

Checking for understanding: Video/Audio tools for reflection

Screencasting has a lot of possibilities and does not have to be a long presentation with visuals. Sometimes a simple audio recording by the student and/or teacher is enough to provide reflection and feedback.

1. Here is a great blog post on: Showing Understanding Through Screencasting.

Now we will explore two options.

1. ClipChamp: Clipchamp (web-based tool) is an easy to use tool that provides an opportunity to record a five minute video of yourself. This tool would work well for students and teachers sharing information and reflection. ClipChamp can be saved to your computer or YouTube. Creating and sharing are simple ad easy to follow.

2. Screencastify: As stated in the blog post above, Screencastify (Chrome Extension) is another great tool with a lot of classroom potential. Screencasting can be used as a teacher or students. Whether it is for a presentation, reflection, exit ticket, screencasting can be a great tool for sharing knowledge and understanding. Screencastify can save to your Google Drive account for easy viewing and sharing.

* After viewing the information on screencasting, I would like you to create one using either of the above tools. Your screencast video should simply be a reflection of the tool or an example of something you will use ext year in your classroom. Please save the link (YouTube or Google Drive). Please post your Screencast example to Padlet.