The Stand Against Gender Violence

Stand Up for the Freedom of Others and End the Abuse

Never leave a Victim Behind

Gender violence happens everywhere. It is an issue faced by many around the world. Not only is this abuse wrong and against the law, but it is also a stab at ones freedom and safety.

Today, many women are taking a stand against this act of violence, but why does it have to be women who stand up against this violence? Why can't men stand up with women instead of simply watching from the sidelines? Yes, women do have the power to stand up for themselves, but gender violence is a major global issue. No matter who or what the person is... abuse is abuse and it is wrong.

Don't just stand there! Help fight for justice... for your family, friends, partner/spouse because gender violence can happen to anyone. Fight for freedom. Fight for humanity.

The Stand Against Gender Violence

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 3:30pm to Thursday, June 4th, 3:30pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

Join "The Stand Against Gender Violence" to learn about domestic violence and bring awareness to those around you.


1) To educate students and the community about gender violence

2) To influence students to stand up to violence of any kind especially gender violence

3) To build students into global citizens and better leaders

Meetings will be held every Thursday from Feb. 5th to June. 4th


- Discussions on the affect of gender violence and the importance of awareness

- Thinking of ways to prevent gender violence and to stand up for victims

- Hosting events to bring awareness of gender violence in communities

- Start a clothing/ food/ household item drive at school. Items will then be donated and given to shelters for abused victims

- Starting a school help line for those in the community dealing with gender violence

We are "The Stand Against Gender Violence"

Help Stand up for those who can't or won't... Make the world a better place. Be a leader and a global citizen