Cycling Accident Claims

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Cycling Accident Claims - A Guide to Making a Successful Claim

In a car accident there are relatively few different types of accidents. The vast majority involve a collision between two cars. Cycling accident claims, however, are a little different. On a bike the possibilities for accidents are endless. Accidents can range from head on collisions with moving vehicles to accidents resulting from a mechanical failure or a road defect. When most people have an accident in a car they make a claim from either their insurance company or the insurance company of the person who was at fault.

With bike accidents things are a little different. If the accident is the fault of a car driver then you must make a cycling accident claims for any damage to you or your bike from their insurance company. This will follow the same process as most car accident claims. You must exchange contact details with the car driver involved in the accident. You should also get their insurance details. In many cycling accident claims there is not a car involved at all. Often, because of the thin wheels on a bicycle, road defects can lead to quite serious accidents.

Accidents can also be caused by unfinished road works, drainage grids that are placed the wrong way around, a defect with your own bike, or a substance on the road surface. In situations such as these it is not another driver but a council or manufacturer who may be to blame. Whatever type of accident it is, it is very important that you have some evidence. In most cases there will be physical evidence due to physical injury or damage to your bike. In addition to this it is very important that you take photos of the accident, whether it is due to a car or a road defect. It is also very useful later on if you have a willing witness to the accident.

Cycling has long been a part of human society with people riding bikes as a mode of transportation between many places. Although motor vehicles have long replaced bikes as the preferred mode of transport in today's world, biking still plays a major role in our lives because it allows people to travel to their desired destinations quicker and with less effort than walking or running. Sadly, there are a lot of accidents associated with biking which is why bikers should always know what cycle accident claims are and how to avail of them.