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Scientific Name

Streptococcus mutans


Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of the teeth. They can be tiny openings or or holes, they can have a brown or black color staining the teeth


When constantly snacking, drinking sugary drinks, and not cleaning the teeth, it allows bacteria and plaque to get in and around the teeth, causing cavities


Cavities most commonly attack children and young adults, but they can attack anyone who has tooth decay

Hide out of culprit

Cavities are found in and around the teeth, inside the mouth, where bacteria and plaque can grow and take down the tooth by getting deeper under the layers of the tooth, and cause infection and even tooth loss


Toothache, tooth sensitivity, sharp pain when eating, especially sugary foods, holes and pits in the mouth, staining in the mouth (brown, or black), tooth loss, and infection in the mouth

Effective weapons

See a dentist regularly to prevent cavities. If you have cavities they can be filled, you can get crowns, or a root canal