Introduction to Poverty and Food

The issues of the world


Hi! In this flyer you will get to see how Poverty affects our food.

Poverty - What is it?

Poverty is by definition "The state of being extremely poor" which basically means you do not have enough money to buy your bodies physiological needs. These people usually need aid from the government or non-profit organizations.

Food - Why is this an issue?

The reason I chose food is because we need lots of excess or extra food to supply for all of the people in poverty. This is becoming an issue, as our food supply is getting diminished day by day, which is making it very hard for people in poverty.

Where is poverty an issue?

In Africa, poverty is an issue due to loss of food, and they are having to give more and more food to people in poverty. This is resulting in a national loss in food supply, which is putting people into poverty. So Africa has a vicious circle of losing food and people going into poverty which won't stop until almost the entire country of Africa is in poverty. If Africa has any hope then we need to do our best to help ALL the people in Africa get out of poverty, not a select group.

What can we do to aid these people?

Over 1.3 Billion (1,300,000,000) are in extreme poverty, which is living off of $1.25 a day in our country alone. That's a little over enough to get enough clean food and water for 2 meals. To aid these people, we need to use our voices to speak up for people in poverty, to help them. Remember: The leaders of the organizations that help poverty are usually people that are in poverty or have been in poverty.


I hope after reading this article, you will be inspired to help people in poverty and help the world in any way you can.