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January 23, 2023

GISD Instructional Technology's plan is to increase student achievement by providing teachers with the most innovative technology tools, professional development, and support that is available.

Volume 3, Issue 23

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Graphic Organizers

Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about Cornell Notes. Imagine my surprise when this week's TCEA blog sited Cornell's Center for Teaching Innovation. This blog highlights Active Learning and GOAL (Graphic Organizers for Active Learning). It shares 80 templates for Active Learning as well as a link to the Cornell site. It's a great resource!

Accessibility is For Everyone

I found this article interesting for several reasons. The obvious reason was it listed some of the various accessibility features for iPads, Google, and Microsoft. It also suggests ways to incorporate teaching accessibility into lessons. And finally, it raises awareness of the need for accessibility in presentations, even those the students create. The article is a short read, but it is packed with information.


This free, online tool, allows you to create and share vocabulary exercises with your students. You can create word cards which include definitions, images, pronunciation, example sentences, translations, synonyms, or antonyms. You can organize the cards into sets or folders. Students can practice using five different types of activities. And you can track student progress. I would love to hear what you think of this tool.

Modern Classrooms Project

This blog presents information about the Modern Classroom Project. It includes videos with examples and explanations. The concept suggests that changing the way instruction is delivered, changes the attitude of teachers and students, and positively impacted scores. The Project suggests the implementation of blended learning instruction, self-based learning, and mastery-based grading. I am interested in investigating it more. What do you think?

Photo Attribution and Other Tips and Tricks

One of the cool things about the search feature in Google Slides and Docs is Google offers Creative Commons Licensed photos. However, the photo still needs to be attributed. This short article, with video, explains how to do that. There is also a bonus feature ~ it includes five forgotten or overlooked tools in Docs.


This article looks at four ways to increase your happiness. The article is based on the latest research regarding teaching and learning happiness. It states that happiness is important to both students and teachers. I found their definition and explanation of happiness interesting. The suggestions were also enlightening.


Let's Do Lunch

Several of the articles this week give you the opportunity to reflect on your teaching and yourself. I would love to discuss what you think about the articles. Or, I would be happy to help find resources for a specific topic you will be teaching soon. I am here to help you, please let me know how I can best accomplish this. And remember, we can meet when it is convenient for you ~ it doesn't have to be lunch.

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