The Mysteries of Life

Ocean currents and weather patterns


  • I learned that one knot on land equals to 1.15 miles per hour.
  • Velocity basically means the speed. I learned that it also includes direction. Scientists can use the velocity to measure the speed of the direction and record it.
  • Currents are caused by the wind and the gravitational pull of the Coriolis Effect.
  • Tides rise and fall
  • And together currents and tides drive the ocean's movement.
  • There are three types of currents. There are surface ocean, coastal, and tidal currents.
  • Tidal currents occur due to the rise and the fall of the tides. Coastal and surface ocean currents occur due to the local wind in the air.

Questions that are Itching to get out of my Mouth

Do currents go in one certain direction or can they change their direction?

Why do surface ocean currents differ from deep ocean currents?

Do tectonic plates movement change the currents anyway?

Currents affecting MY life

Currents help ships move from place to place giving us imports and exports such as food from other countries *cough* *cough* TAKIS AND POCKY! And currents also affect the weather, if it is warm, cold, humid, etc. Lastly currents effect my life as a citizen because we as a country have to pay taxes for ports and stuff.