Nevada Local Marketing Update

April 2015

Month in Review

Re-registration is in full swing, enrollment for next school year is open, and field level/ events-based marketing is ramping up. The dedication and support from the Nevada Virtual Academy staff has been incredible.

Below is a snapshot of where Nevada Virtual Academy marketing has been this month and what's coming up. In addition to what is listed below, I have also been working with Cox Communications, Nevada Wolfpack Athletics and Zipcode Magazine in an effort to be prepared for a fully integrated marketing approach should we receive the approval on advertising.

Your thoughts and ideas on local opportunities are always welcome. Please continue to send them my way! ~Joy

April Retention Campaigns & Events

* Re-registration Stations at Test Sites
* Re-registration office hours

April New Student Acquisition Events

4/3/15: First Friday Las Vegas
4/6/15: Online Information Session
4/11/15: Las Vegas POC hosted Q&A/Science Saturday
4/11/15: Reno POC hosted Q&A/Science Saturday
4/11/15: Las Vegas Rox in Sox Children's Music & Book Festival
4/18/15: Henderson POC hosted Q&A/Science Saturday
4/25/15: Mega Scout Expo

Looking Forward - May New Student Acquisition Events

5/1/15: First Friday Las Vegas
5/2/15: Las Vegas POC hosted Q&A/Art in the Park
5/2/15: Las Vegas Science & Technology Expo
5/2/15: Reno Walk for Children/Family Fun Day
5/4/15: Online Information Session (PM)
5/5/15: Online Information Session (AM)
5/9/15: Henderson POC hosted Q&A/Art in the Park
5/9/15: Las Vegas Kids Mix Ice Cream Festival
5/12/15: Online Information Session (AM)
5/16/15: Reno POC hosted Q&A/Art in the Park
5/16/15: Homeschool Gathering Place: Homeschool Symposium
5/19/15: Online Information Session (AM)
5/20/15: Online Information Session (PM)
5/26/15: Online Information Session (AM)
5/30/15: Las Vegas Parenting Expo
5/30/15: North Las Vegas POC hosted Q&A/Art in the Park
5/30/15: Reno Mini Maker Faire
Upcoming Events

Click here for a complete listing of all upcoming events.