Technology Rules For Parents

By: Harveen Sidhu


You shouldn't text while you are driving because bad things will happen to you. It can lead you to death.


Another rule for parents would be not to post bad pictures of you online because people can screenshot it and do something bad.


Another rule would be not to click on an advertisement that you have to put your personal information in because there's to much information.


Another rule would be not to add people on you social accounts because you don't no them and they might do something bad to you.


Parents also shouldn't be watching bad videos on the internet because once you watch them its there forever.


Parents should pull there car over if they have to do something on there phone so you don't crash.


Parents or anyone also shouldn't share any password with friends because they can hack you account.


Parents also shouldn't be talking on the phone while driving because you might crash and injure yourself really bad.


Parents shouldn't post bad pictures of them and sending it to people because they can do something to your photo.


Parents also shouldn't be saying anything bad or bullying people on there phone from text.


Parents also shouldn't be controlling or ordering people around because its not there choice.