The Flipped Classroom

Rethinking Homework

What is a flipped classroom?

In a flipped classroom, teachers typically create a video of the lecture portion of a lesson for students to watch outside of class. Class time is then devoted to other learning experiences such as student work, class projects or small group discussions.

Building Blocks

One of the first steps to flipping a classroom is creating a space for students to access resources. The site you use as a learning management system (LMS) or teacher webpage should work on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones and stay updated. Below are some favorite tools teachers use.


Edmodo is a free learning management system for teachers. It is a great tool for flipping a classroom because students can access material from multiple devices. Teachers like the interface of Edmodo because it looks like a familiar social media tool.
Edmodo at a glance
Remind is a great tool to promote communication with students and parents. Remind is a messaging service that sends a text message to an end user. Teachers like this tool because they can communicate with students and parents without sharing phone numbers.
How does Remind work?
Perhaps you are familiar with TED, a video library of people doing extraordinary things in life and have ideas worth sharing. Ted Ed is a video library of ideas worth sharing in the classroom. In Ted Ed, teachers can browse lessons and videos or create lessons to share and use. Below is an example of a Ted Ed lesson on semicolons.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a type of learning management system and is great to use in classrooms with one to one computing. Many school districts are Google Apps for Education (GAFE) districts, allowing teachers to access many of the resources house within Google for the purpose of education.