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Seungmin C

What Defines a Leader?

A leader is a person who leads and commands a party of followers. Most of the time, a leader is the head of a group, and has the most power. But, the responsibility must follow.
To become a leader, you must have certain qualities that will make you a unique and different leader form anyone else. Qualities such as communication, creativity and confidence are few most important qualities you will need to become a great leader.

What type of leader are you?

I have taken the personality test and I found out that my personality type is ENFP. I've searched about my personality type and have found out that the people with this personality types are very enthusiastic and friendly. They are also mostly creative and are good listeners. From this, my leadership style will most likely be "Participative Leadership", who listens lets others contribute.
When I am in a group, I often try to get the group by initiating a conversation on what we should start first. I listen to my groups ideas, meanwhile sharing mine. I try to lead the group in a way where it is fair for everyone. This helps building teamwork, and it sometimes gives motivation to do well. From my leadership type, my personality would most likely be one that considers other peoples ideas, such as ENFP.

What did I learn?

From this project, I learned many things such as good qualities that will help you become a better leader. I also learned that everyone has the potential to be a leader, it is just matter of confidence. People with different types of personality will have a different type of leadership, and there are advantages and disadvantages about it. I always thought that leaders had to take over all the control and take charge, which I had trouble doing. Now, I learned that there are different types of leadership, and I should always try to improve to be a better leader.