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Without Silver, you wouldn't be able to fix your hair, look at your outfit, or look at yourself in the mirror!

Symbol: Ag

~Atomic Mass-107.868

~Atomic Number-47

# of Protons-47

# of Neutrons-61

# of Electrons-47

Melting Silver - 32.15 Toz (1 Kg) 999 Bullion Bar

About Silver..

Silver is a metal found in the Transition Metal family and is naturally found in a solid state. The boiling point for silver is 2,162 degrees Celsius, while the melting point is 961.8 degrees Celsius.

Interesting Facts about Silver

1.) Silver is very shiny! It reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum which makes it useful in mirrors, microscopes, and telescopes.

2.) Silver was one of the first 5 metals discovered.

3.) Silver is the best electric conductor of all the elements.

4.) Mexico is the leading producer of Silver, followed by Peru.

5.) In ancient Egypt and Medieval European countries, silver was valued more highly than gold.

6.) An ounce of silver can be drawn into a wire 8,000 feet long.