Shark Project

sam Broussard

Spiny Dogfish Shark

Diagram of a Spiny Dogfish Shark

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Organs of a shark

  • The gallbladder stores bile that is produced from the liver.
  • The heart pumps blood throughout the shark's entire body.
  • The kidneys purify the blood that is in the shark's body.
  • The liver stores fatty energy and contains oil the keeps a shark buoyant.
  • The pancreas produces digestive enzymes that break down fat and carbs.
  • The small intestines helps digest the food for nutrients.
  • The large intestines aids in the digestion and nutrient gathering stage.
  • The stomach starts to digest food.
  • The esophagus moves food from the mouth to the stomach.
  • The rectum stores feces right before it is disposed of.
  • The claspers, only found in male sharks, aids in sexual reproduction of sharks.
  • The lateral line is used to sense movement and vibration in the water.
  • The gills allow the shark to breath underwater.
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  • Kingdom-animal
  • Phylum-chordate
  • Class-condrichthyes
  • Order-squaliformes
  • Family-squalidae
  • Genus-spurdog
  • Species-acanthias

Life Span

The life span of a Spiny Dogfish Shark is about 25-100 years.


The Spiny Dogfish Shark lives in the north Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.