Integrating Project Based Learning

Math Workhop

What is Project Based Learning?

PBL is a perfect opportunity for students to experience authentic in depth learning applied to real life situations.

Why is it Essential to Include PBL in Math Workshop?

It allows students to work at their own pace, and helps them keep up with the tasks they need to accomplish. It gives students responsibility and takes a load off of the teacher.

Some of our best workshops

It requires a lot of planning, but provides great learning experiences!!

Key Benefits of Incorporating Math Workshop with PBL

Applying 21st Century Skills

  • Students must present to the group, complete self-reflections, or participate in research and inquiry.
  • Time management

Assisting Students

  • Allow students who do not need the extra remediation to continue working in other workshops, transitioning as needed.
  • Pull students who need one on one sessions to better understand the concepts.
  • Workshops can also be used as a way for students to organize what they are trying to get accomplished by the end of the project.
In our Test Kitchen PBL I used the workshops as ways for students to get the project requirements completed.
  • Researching Recipes
  • Creating Menus
  • Converting Recipes
  • Putting presentation together

The teacher must monitor as students work, and pull groups to introduce the next steps to their project.

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