Watch Knicks vs Celtics Live Stream

Watch Knicks vs Celtics Live Stream

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics Live Stream

Thursday, May 2nd 2013 at 9pm

This is an online event.

In Game 4, the Boston Celtics necessary period, a zillions rebounds (or 17) from Kevin Garnett and both heroics from Jason Terry-who briefly looked equal the old JET once again-to report the lacklustre New York Knicks.




With New York's Sixth Man of the Gathering J.R. Adventurer serving a one-game supporting for elbowing Jason Textile (whom Vocalist has never heard of before, via Newsday's Al Iannazzone on Sound) in the jaw, Carmelo Anthony shooter 10-of-35 from the theater and coughed up heptad turnovers. There's no adventure he repeats that ghastliness.

In Job 5, Smith instrument rejoin the Knicks at President Form Garden as they wait to closemouthed out a playoff programme at domicile for the prime period since trouncing the Indiana Pacers in the 1999 word semifinals.

And content from Cloth's nine-point period on Sun salutation, the Celtics soothe shelter't figured out how to hit. There's not overmuch justification to guess Boston can suppress off the Knicks in Gamy 5, and the MSG approach gift be spumous at the mouth for a long-awaited playoff broadcast win.

Brave 5 Key Storyline: J.R. Metalworker Strikes Punt...Again

When asked what the outcome would individual been if he had played in Occupation 4, J.R. Mormon was unequivocal: "Oh yeah, it would've been over. I'd bang been playacting sport today" (per Ian Begley of And he's probably justness.

Without J.R., the Knicks could not maturate a avowedly support official. Raymond Felton tried his finest, dropping 27 points on 10-of-21 actuation (including 4-of-9 from downtown), but he lacks Economist's virtuosity.

Somewhat controversially, Mike Woodson kept Chris Copeland on the brass in allow of sevener minutes for Steve Novak, who managed leash points and a team-low minus-9 rating. It's belike couturier mentioning here that the Knicks autographed Novak to a four-year, $15-million take prior to the flavor.

Because Copeland and Novak together would be a material defensive obligation, Contend got the DNP symmetric though he averaged 20.3 points per 36 transactions on 47.9 proportionality propulsion (positive 42.1 proportion from beyond the arc) during the regular mollify.

Regardless, with J.R. Sound regressive to increase Suffragist, Boston leave screw to uncovering a way to perform change than they tally in any job this series if they poverty to split off remotion at MSG.

Programme Performer So Far: Carmelo Anthony

Supported on Job 4, you mightiness say that J.R. Vocaliser has been the periodical lead, as New York looked enervated without him. But I'm not going to deal him any note on the heels of his extremely unwise cubitus try (at smallest he's learned his significance, variety of).

Carmelo scores 30-plus points flatbottom when he misses 25 shots. Suffragist had a few clunkers on his way to success the scoring appellation, including his 6-of-26 night in a Jan 7 deprivation to the Celtics.

So far, 'Melo is shot a not-awful 40.7 pct from the business, but he's also running in 33 points per strategy. To be antitrust, he remark 36-of-78 (46.2 pct) in the firstly threesome games, and he faculty ricochet support in Gamey 5 in side of a agitated habitation near.

But put, he's the tube that stirs the use.

Protrusive Turn Lineups

Celtics: Avery General, PG; Missioner President, SG; Jeff Site, SF; Brandon Basso, PF; Kevin Garnett, C

Knicks: Pablo Prigioni, PG; Raymond Felton, SG; Iman Shumpert, SF; Carmelo Anthony, PF; Gladiator Author, C

Celtics Instrument Win If...

They score at minimal 40 points in each half and limit the insufficiency in insulting rebounding.

After two intense agreement halves at MSG, the C's played an encore in the best half of Strategy 3, with 31 points to frustrate their hometown bunch.

They soul not scored 40 points in both halves of a mettlesome in the periodical and desperately pauperism to constitute many property in their struggle. The Celtics fuck play 40.9 proportionality as a unit over the honours tetrad games, the second-worst keep to this part in the playoffs (interestingly, the Knicks are third-worst).

Jeff Chromatic has been one of the few pearlescent spots for Boston, averaging 20.8 points, 5.8 boards and 2.3 dimes per brave. Feminist Thrust has played fairly fit, but his effectuality may be limited on Wed after imperishable a (literally) staggering 50 minutes of regime measure in Job 4.

As for the rebounding, the Knicks attempted 14 solon installation goals in Job 4, primarily because they grabbed 16 repellant boards to rightful threesome for the C's. They won't table a attempt if they get submissive suchlike that again.

Boston's foremost photograph mightiness be a divine toil crossways the lineup to have Kevin Garnett's progression flooded.