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A Note from Ms. Chroneos

Dear families and caregivers,

I can count the number of art classes left for each group on one hand! We are wrapping up the year in the art studio as busy as ever, and we are still enjoying creating and learning together. Grade 3 has some pretty spectacular spring flowers in the works, grade 4 is finishing up a "doodle" project and will complete "building challenges" in the upcoming weeks, and K-2 have been studying the different lines and shapes in ocean environments.

Grade 5 is working on something particularly special, as they recently wrote poems in the "I Am From" format in their classrooms that they will transform into drawings in art class. I am so proud of what they have been working on so far!

As always, I am ever so grateful to work with your children!


Ms. Chroneos

Art Show Thanks and Photos

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What's Happening In...

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Learning Goals:

Ocean Life Drawings

  • Create drawings of ocean creatures. Identify the kinds of shapes seen in ocean creatures.
  • Create drawings of ocean "details" such as coral and seaweed. Identify the types of lines that coral, seaweed, and seashells have.
  • Create a frame for your ocean picture with a pattern.

Third Grade Learning Goals:

Close-Up Flowers Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

  • Identify and observe the artwork of American artist Georgia O'Keeffe.
  • Create a drawing transfer of a flower sketch.
  • Carefully use black glue to trace a flower drawing.
  • Learn how to create a blend of two colors with chalk pastel and incorporate the blend into the flower petals.
  • Practice two watercolor techniques and incorporate them into the flower background.

Fourth Grade Learning Goals:

I Am Doodles inspired by Shantell Martin

  • Create a work of mindfulness art.
  • Identify the work of a contemporary artist, Shantell Martin.
  • Create symbols to represent my identity.

Fifth Grade Learning Goals:

I Am From Poetry and I Am Doodles inspired by Shantell Martin

  • Create a poem in the I Am From format.
  • Create symbols that represent my identity.
  • Incorporate identity symbols and poetry into a work of art inspired by a contemporary artist.
  • Identify the artwork of a contemporary artist, Shantell Martin.

Samples of Poetry from Grade 5 Students


Art can get messy! It might be best to make sure your student(s) do not wear their very best clothing on art days. I will be mindful of picture days or special event days in planning curriculum. See below for your student's art day!
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