Fidel Castro

Dictator of Cuba since 1959

Profile of Fidel Castro

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro was born near Biran on August 13. 1926. Fidel grew up in a wealthy family who owned a sugar plantation. Castro was intellectually gifted and got deeply into politics during his years studying at college. It is because of his high intelligence and his early engaging in politics that allowed him to be such a successful leader during his time. This man was a ruthless and powerful leader. He over took the country by storm and kept it under his command for many, many years. He over took the country first in 1959 by over throwing Cuba's current leader at the time, Batista. At that point he was sworn in as prime minister. During this time his government established covert military and economic relations with the Soviets which in turn lead to the Cuban missile crisis. In 1965 Fidel merged Cuba's communist party with his revolutionary organization placing himself as sole and head leader of the party. His main goal always to be number one in charge. Castro served as prime minister until 1976 when he became the official president of Cuba. It was because of Castro and his forms of government and threw cutting off relations with the US that Cuban was declared a socialist state.


  • Many Cubans detested Fidel Castro, while in contrast, many thought of him to be their hero.
  • He became Americas number one enemy during the Cold War
  • 6 feet 3 inches tall
  • Big man
  • Always seemed very sure of himself and very confident
  • Powerful and secure
In 2006 Fidel Castro had a major surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding and was temporarily unable to remain in control of the country. He therefore, temporarily, handed over control of Cuba to his brother Raul Castro who had been his Vice President since he had been elected. Since his surgery many are unaware of his conditions or whether or not he is even alive at the moment seeing as how since his surgery, he has only been seen in photos and video meetings.

Letter to Raul from Fidel

August 1, 2006

Dear Raul,

Today is a very important and day both for myself and for my country. I am 79 years old and have just undergone and major intestinal surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding. The recovery is a very long and grueling one. It is because of this that I must stay at rest of a period of time. It is because of this that I have decided to temporarily hand over power of Cuba to you Raul, my dear brother. I entrust this great power and responsibility with you who knows the country and the way it functions very well. Seeing as how you have been Vice President for many years now. I trust that you will follow in my footsteps and keep this country running the way I have set it up to run. I trust that you will maintain and uphold the communist party of Cuba influences in the country. On that note I say farewell. Take care of my country. I will soon return to complete power once again.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro in his own words
This video is very important because it shows how Castro did not agree and was strongly against Cuba's Imperialist government. It talks about how the government no longer have to support of the people. And how the people of Cuba either need to be able to withstand and work through living the rest of their lives in poverty or the people need to stand up for themselves and fight. It says how fighting back, in the case of his country, is their only choice. He later goes into saying how the countries are failing because of Imperialism and that something needs to be done to stop that. With this video it proves that he had the best intentions for the people at the start. And it shows how he was willing to fight and work hard to achieve what he wanted for Cuba and its government which are all ideal qualities in a dictator.