Pansophia Academy Weekly Staff Newsletter

The Week of April 15th


Open Enrollment

Jean Day Staff

3:30 Dance


Open Enrollment

No Tutoring

10am Budget Meeting

3:00 Purchasing Process Staff Meeting (Any staff that submits)

3pm Gym-Girls on the run

3:30pm "Little Women" rehearsal
6pm Basketball Open Gym
8pm Nazarene Men's Basketball


Open Enrollment

3:00 Leadership Meeting (Survey Data)

3:00 MS MTSS

3:30 Little Women Rehearsal

4:25 SCAA Track Meet @ Bellvue


Open Enrollment

11:00 Emergency Task Force Meeting

11:00 Facility Site Visit (CSP)

3:00 Girls on the run

3:15 2/3 MTSS

3:30 Little Women Rehearsal

8:00 Nazarene Basketball


Make up Day: ERF Schedule


9:00 Track @ Colon Invitational

2:00 Men's BBall

Intentional Vocabulary Instruction


Teachers: Please answer all questions posed on your observation log that was shared with you following the winter observation.

Final Observations: Done by the 1st week of May

I will be around to do a classroom learning environment (ELEOT) observation during the month of March/April.

Construction Update

We are delayed until the end of school.