Tech Night!

A Night for Learning and 21st Century Fun!

Please join the Halstead family for Tech Night. This night is dedicated to providing an array of resources to parents and providing meaningful, engaging tech-related activities to students. A quick bite will be provided.

Below is a list of the offerings for parents and students. We hope you join us for the fun!

Tech Night

Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 5:30pm

1111 Halstead Rd

Parkville, MD

5:30 Welcome Dinner

6:00 Workshop Rotations

(25 minutes per workshop)

A chance to win a raffle at each rotation!

7:30 Goodbyes

Workshop Offerings

Parent Workshops


Parents will have the opportunity to activate and login to their BCPSOne account. Participants will examine the features of the parent view: viewing the gradebook, sending messages, and utilizing the calendar.

21st Century Classrooms and Home Connections

Parents will get a glimpse of the life of a Halstead student and 21st Century Learning. Home connections, web resources, and tutorials on using the new device will be provided.

Social Media: What to Know

Teachers will demonstrate how students are utilizing social media to demonstrate their newest learnings. School counselors will provide tips for monitoring home use of social media and resources for managing cyber bullying.

Student Activities

Skype with a Scientist

Fourth and Fifth graders will use digital media and tools to gather information about comets and asteroids. Through research they will examine their wonderings and have an opportunity to Skype with Max Mutchler, a scientist who has worked on the Hubble Telescope!

Musical Mayhem

Students will use everyday objects to create music! They will record and manipulate the sounds using digital tools!

Story Retell

Students will put their creativity to work by retelling familiar stories using a green screen and movie maker!