Fasting to Lose 10lbs. in 2 Weeks

Some experts warn that fasting is no way to lose weight.

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This is flyer #2 in the series "fasting to lose 10lbs. in 2 weeks"! Today we will discuss Fasting to lose 10lbs. in 2 weeks.

Some experts warn that fasting is no way to lose weight. But proponents of
fasting claim that taking a break from food can have all sorts of health benefits.
They credit fasting for giving them everything from increased energy to elevated mood and even clearer skin. Here’s the secret: Fasting is not the same thing as starving. There are different levels of fasting. Some even allow you to eat solid foods. Of course, you can also restrict your intake to just liquids, or to just water, but such fasts shouldn’t be sustained for very long.

Fasting is usually done for detoxification purposes. Think of how many processed foods you eat each day. All of them contain chemicals designed to extend shelf life or enhance flavor. Those chemicals can build up in your system, making it hard for your body to function normally. Fatigue, achiness, and depression can result.

Now consider how many toxins you pick up from other sources. How many
chemical cleaners, pest control sprays, cosmetics, and other chemicals do you
come into contact with? How is the air quality in your area? How is the tap water?
You could be polluting your body simply by eating, drinking, and breathing. You can kick off your 2 week diet plan and give your body a break by fasting. To do this, you should first determine how extreme of a fast you’re willing to try. Here are some popular types to choose from.

A sugar fast is a relatively mild fasting technique to promote a 10lb. weight loss in 2 weeks. All it requires you to do is give up sugary foods and white flour products. Those foods will be replaced with healthier carbohydrates in the form of low-glycemic fruits, fibrous vegetables, and whole grain products. Sugar fasting to lose 10lbs. in 2 weeks maybe difficult for some to say the least! Prepare for some adverse effects in the first few days of your sugar fast, especially if you’re something of a sugar addict. You might experience headaches, lethargy, and even nausea while your body cleanses itself of sugar. Just take it easy for a couple of days and drink plenty of clean water to flush the toxins from your system. You can do a sugar fast pretty much indefinitely, as long as you continue to eat healthy carbs.

Raw Food Fasting to lose 10lbs. in 2 weeks

Food loses a lot of its fiber and nutrition when you cook it, so proponents of raw
food diets insist that their way of eating delivers the most nutrients and the highest fiber content. So raw food fasting to lose 10lbs. in 2 weeks will be extremely healthy for you! Obviously, there are many foods which should be cooked before consumption. A raw food fast will limit you to safe raw foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Some people eat raw for life, but if you’re a meat fan, you should probably make it a temporary weight loss technique.

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