Lawrence Superintendent's Corner

Dr. Ann Pedersen

September 2017

Lawrence is Ready!

When my son played little league the coach would tell the young players to stand in a "ready position" to catch any ball that might come their way. What a great life lesson, always be in a ready position! We on the south shore of Long Island lived that readiness lesson during Superstorm Sandy and our hearts and helping spirits join the people of Texas and Florida.

Ready position in the school system means to be ready to continually improve.

Ready means staff well trained in the latest standards and teaching methods. Ready means continually improving the learning environments for safety, security and to maximize learning. Ready also means students understanding how to set goals to master new learning.

As we start the new school year, I am proud to say that Lawrence stands in a ready position to have each and every learner fulfill their potential and reach success.

Proudly Lawrence,

Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent of Schools

Ready to Improve Attendance

Ready position at home means having a schedule for getting to school on time, attending class, and having a place and time devoted for study, homework and independent reading.

Did you know a child's attendance in the ninth grade is a better predictor of high school graduation than 8th-grade test scores and kindergarten attendance can predict third-grade reading levels?

To have each learner reach their own personal success, we must remove all barriers to that success. Missing school time is a barrier to success. We ask families to help by limiting absences and lateness to school.

Suggestions to help improve attendance include:

~Have a routine for homework

~Pack up back bags the night before

~Lay out clothes and shoes before going to sleep

~Attempt to make all doctor appointments for after-school or school holidays

~Speak to the school nurse with any questions about illnesses and attendance

Read more about the importance of attendance here:

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Ready to Build GRIT

Angela Duckworth's popular book GRIT addresses the need to combine skill and EFFORT to achieve. As we enter the new school year both teachers and leaders have reviewed the significance of building GRIT and promoting a growth mindset among our learners. Lawrence will continue to address the social emotional and academic needs of our learners using a multi-tiered support system.

Learn more about GRIT:

We look forward to incorporating the concepts of GRIT and Growth Mindset in our Parent Like a Champion evenings scheduled for October 24th. Save the date!

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Ready Learning Environments

In addition to the warm and inviting culturally responsive classroom environments prepared by our teaching staff, ongoing capital projects showcase the continuous improvement of the Lawrence School District. The 195 campus front entrance has undergone the first stage of its renovation in anticipation of the installation of the new bell tower. The first sample of new high school lockers has been installed and the LHS Auditorium final touches are ready for our upcoming season of performances.

We are Proudly Lawrence, a family of Learners

where each and every learner knows success is within their reach.