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Weekly notes from Ms. Welch, CST

Week of 8.22.16

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Upcoming Dates:

Aug. 29 - 5th grade RTI training planning

Aug. 29 - New Teacher check in 3-3:30pm Collab room

Aug. 30 - PLC meetings

Aug. 31 - Picture Day (yearbook)

Aug. 31 - RTI Training grades K,1,2,3,4,5 planning

Aug. 31 - Curriculum Night 6:00-8:00pm

Sept. 2 - PBL Training 7:30am -no school for students

Sept. 5 - Labor Day No School

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Classroom Management

Ditch the Desk & Flexible Learning Spaces

Remove the teacher's desk and students feel more comfortable and less intimidated, teachers feel more active and engaged, and classroom learning happens in a shared space. Read more here:
Photos of flexible space ideas:

Proximity Control

Proximity Control- the idea that simply being physically near students improves their behavior and focus. Focus on the proximity not necessarily the control!
The Benefits of Proximity Control
Not only is using proximity control free and easy, but it helps sustain some important components in your classroom.
  • It preserves student’s dignity and confidence. When you stop class to “call out” a student in front of their peers, this is a stressful and embarrassing experience to undergo as a student.
  • It redirects students in a respectful and effective way. This method reinforces fairness and respect for students, adjusting their behavior with a positive sense of presence rather than a negative use of words.
  • It maintains your flow of work or instruction. Instead of hitting the pause button and momentarily distracting the class with a reprimand, proximity control redirects individual students without disrupting the current focus of the class.
  • It helps you know what’s going on. Not only does being close to students redirect them, but you can acquire a firsthand over-the-shoulder view of what students are engaged with throughout your room.
  • It reinforces the standards of your classroom. Similar to when drivers start braking their cars when a cop passes by, all students within the sphere of your proximity commit a quick self-assessment to determine how their current behavior aligns with the stated expectations.
So as you look for ways to respectfully redirect student attention and subtly reinforce your high standards, get on your feet and make yourself physically present around your students!
Read the full article here:
View videos on Edivate:

Tech and Training?

Are you interested in serving on the Tech & Training (Professional Development) Committe? We would meet each month (or as needed) to come up with a plan to meet our staff's professional development needs in an out of the box, personalized way. If you are interested in serving on the committe, please notify me! A survey will come out soon to find out your interests and/or professional needs for this year.

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Get Techno with Remind

Remind is a safe (and private) way to text and chat with your students' families.
How does Remind work?
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