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November Newsletter 2018 /

Upcoming Events


  • 11th - Veteran's Day
  • 12th- No School - Veteran's Day Recognized
  • 15th - Family Reading Night 3:00-6:00
  • 19th-23rd - Thanksgiving Break School Closed

Attendance Tips for Parents

Let Children Know that Good Attendance Is Important:

  • Attendance is a parent and student responsibility.
  • Let your child know that you think attending school daily is important.
  • Good attendance habits start at an early age. Make sure your child goes to school regularly and on time.
  • Discuss with your student that arriving to school on time and to report to class when dropped off.
  • Check homework for accuracy and completeness.
  • Read the school newsletter. Post the school calendar and notes on the refrigerator, or other prominent location to highlight school activities and important student information.
  • Do not provide inappropriate excuses for your child to miss school. Do not let them take time off from school for minor ailments – particularly those which would not prevent you from going to work.
  • Don’t expect or let older children stay home from school to babysit younger siblings.
  • Set good examples and enforce rules. Speak well of the school and support school staff.

Establish a Routine:

  • Give yourself and children enough time to get ready.
  • Set alarm clock 30 minutes earlier for students who need more time to get ready for school.
  • Plan ahead the night before.
  • Set a regular bedtime schedule. Age should be a factor. Get proper rest and go to bed early.
  • Have your child go to bed 10 minutes earlier and get up 10 minutes earlier.
  • Have kids bathe or shower in the evening.
  • Provide regular study times and a quiet, clean area for doing homework. 

Title I and Parent Involvement

  • Volunteer Forms must be complete to attend Field Trips. You can go online to This link will allow you to complete an electronic evaluation.
  • Parent Resource Room - We have items to support academics at home. Please check with your child's teacher or Mrs. Stone to check out items.
  • School Advisory Council - All parents are welcome to attend meetings and provide feedback on decisions that effect our school. We will post date of meeting on the Five Points Facebook page and the school website.


  • Chocolate Fundraiser - $1.00 chocolate bars in office (all year)
  • Upcoming Fundraiser- Beef Sticks $1.00 in office ( items are being ordered)
  • Car magnets- $3.00 in front office

Fundraiser funds will be used to purchase items for several school clubs, student rewards for iReady /FSA, playground equipment and other school needs as they arise. We will meet on December 13th prior to the Sound Machine concert, to share our current balance and fundraisers for the Spring.

If you would like to help or participate in any way, you can leave a message, for President Jackie Fulford, at the front office.