Humberview S. S.


My Leadership Journey

A Little about Sue

By the Numbers

1111 Students

121 French Immersion

814 On busses

About 280 in each grade

About 1/3 receive Special Ed support

9% in GLE courses

EQAO - Academic 81% Applied 64% 85%

7 Voc 1

32 Voc 2

65 Enhanced




71 teachers, 4 TAs, 2 BTAs, 1 DECE, 4 Office Staff

YMCA before and after school

Leadership for Learning

Distribute the Leadership

Staff Leadership - SHSM, PD, Committees, Coaching, Clubs, Robotics, Arts

Heads Council - Budget Process, Theories of Action and Goal setting, C.L.A.S.S.

Student Leadership - SAC Reorganization, Activity Council Alignments HAC, MAC, EAC, etc

Great Start - Link Crew, Mentors, EcoSchools

Parent Leadership - Wellness Evening, Breakfast Club

Principal Leadership - Heart of Leadership, Who Me A Leader, 21c Steering Committee

Teaching and Learning

Supporting opportunities for teachers to pursue individualized learning goals that support the school goals - Challenge Based Learning in math, PLCs in both GLE and Gifted Programs with teachers collaborating from different schools, Restorative Practices, CGC GPS training, IC and ITRT support

Use TPA process and ALP information to connect teachers to targeted PD

Model the appropriate use of technology - every staff meeting or PD session has build in time for staff to 'play' with the technology, ITRT presentations in smaller groups for Google / D2L / Office 365 /

Numeracy - focus on A&E - timely and relevant feedback, terminology and triangulation - participation in 7-10 network on problem solving


School wide initiatives: #ProudToBeAHusky, Learning Commons, EcoSchools - #HuskyGreen, Character Traits, Positive Spaces, Team Unbreakable - Mental Health

Supports for students - Credit Rescue / Recovery, COPE,

Your Voice Counts - communication and consistency - Humberview Advantage, School Council, Website Calandar, Twitter .. positive images of the myriad of good work happening at Humberview

Community Connections - Rotary / Interact, HEALS Wellness Day, Trades Day,, TRCA

Transitions - feeder school visits, Link Crew, Mentor for new students, Grade 5 Sports Day, Grade 8 Drama visit, Basketball at Allan Drive, Transition meetings, Robotics displays, Bolton Camp

Next Steps

Leadership for Learning:

Heads Council - Theories of Action

Re-Distribute Leadership - Head +1, Co-Chairs