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Belgium joined the European Union in 1952. It was a founder of the European Union. Before Belgium was it's own country, it was part of the Netherlands.


Belgium is located in Western Europe between France and the Netherlands. Also it's bordering the North Sea. Some mountain ranges in Belgium are Botange, and Baraque Michel. The country is split into 3 main regions: Coastal Plain, Central Plateau, and Ardennes.
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Belgium got it's national flag on January 23, 1831. The colors of the flag are black, yellow, and red. The black represents a shield. The yellow represents a lion and generosity. The red represents a lion's claws along with strength, bravery, and etc.


The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Some major cities besides Brussels is Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, and Liege. Many people should visit the Musical Instrument Museum, Mini-Europe, Walibi Belgium, and Cinquantenaie. The Musical Instrument Museum is a wonderful place where you can experience different types of instruments from around the world. Mini-Europe is an amusement park that is home to replicas of monuments all across Europe.

Government and Currency

Belgium's government is a federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy. The current currency there is Euros.
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