Rohyponal studies

Description of drug:Rohyponal is used for treating insomnia also used as a pre medication in surgical procedures and inducing anesthesia. it is a sleeping pill it is white tasteless odorless and color less similar to aspirin.

Slang names: some slang names for Rohyponal are roofies,date rape drug, forget me drug,roches,ruffles and Wolfie and many more slang names.

How it enters the body: Rohypnal can be ingested or crushed up and snorted.

Physical effects:some physicsal effects are bloodshot eyes makes you drowsie,confused, gastrointestinal urinary retention,aggressive behavoir, aspiration or death.

Emotional/mental effects:memory loss, amnesia, respiratory depression.

Medical uses:sleeping pill, treats insomnia, as a pre medication in surgical procedures and for inducing amnesia.

Where it came from: Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-la roche first prescribed and developed it and benzodiazepines in the 1950s widely prescribed in western Europe.

Dangers of use: aggressive behavior, aspiration, death, amnesia, gastrointestinal urinary retention.

How addictive it is: this drug isn't really addicting, there isn't a problem with addiction. most people get this drug slipped in there drink not willing.

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