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I am a 14 year old girl and having a problem but only in certain areas . I think it's called the T-zone mainly my chin , & forehead . What can I do to feel confident in those areas or my face period ? Is there a website I can visit ? Home remedies ? Do you have any tips or something ? Please & Thankyou .
Dear Desirae , it sounds like your having a girl problem . Here are some solutions ; visit , . Some home remedies are rub ice on your face . By doing this it opens up your pores . You can also try lemon juice and egg whites , then mix it then leave it on your face for 10-15 mins and finally wash with warm water . You should have the face you want & feel confident in 2 weeks .

Teen Skin Care

I help teens with skin care . Acne problems mainly . To help them feel

comfortable in their face . I give home remedies i case of finical problems because skin products are expensive . I give tips & websites , etc.