Washburn Elementary School

Lifelong Learning - October 2018

Mission of the Washburn School District

Our mission is to enable students to enter the global society with the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes required to be contributing citizens.

October Character Traits






Organization at Home

The fewer things to carry, the more organized you are.

To keep yourself organized at home:

  1. Desktop file box with a file for every single subject

  2. Put the papers for past units in the folder at home instead of the backpack or locker

  3. Create a portable office-a movable box with supplies to do homework

  4. Have someone supervise homework time

  5. Write important dates on the family calendar

  6. Write names on clothing that will be coming to school

  7. If your child has a home/school folder, check and empty it daily

-Ideas from Laurie Spangle-Bauer - Washburn School District Occupational Therapist and Chris Gaber-2nd Grade Teacher


Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch Day

Washburn school participates in the collective Apple Crunch because it encourages and celebrates the use of healthy, Wisconsin-grown foods in cafeterias across the state. We Crunch together to support our local farmers, to grow healthy eaters, and to build strong communities across our state and region.

What healthy snack or treat can you create this month with locally grown apples?

October All School Activity

This month students will be working to identify areas in their classroom and the school that are in need of organization. They will practice keeping those areas looking tidy. Mr. Krause and Mrs. Pufall will be doing unplanned inspections, and publicly recognizing areas that are looking great!

Home and School Connection

Sixth grader Sieanna Sandor recognized that she had a problem with organization. The size and shape of her locker did not allow her to create the system she wanted to keep her books, folders, and supplies organized and easily accessible. Together with her dad, Michael, she built a removable shelf to meet her needs. Way to go Sieanna and Michael! Great way to take our lifelong learning skills out of the school and then back in!

Lifelong Learning

Contact Rachel Pufall with questions about the Lifelong Learning program, or to submit content for future newsletters. We would love to publish stories about things families are trying at home to support lifelong learning.