By: Harleen Talk

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The most important purpose of trees is to clean the air by recycling carbon dioxide. The image above displays the process of how this is done.

Why do we need trees?

  • Trees are one of the most important resources on this planet
  • Produce shelter for humans and animals
  • Oxygen and filtration of air (carbon sink)
  • Food and protection for animals and humans
  • Paper and other material objects/resources (fruit, lumber)
  • Roots hold on to water which reduces flooding
  • Clean the soil and air
  • Help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor into atmosphere

What specific impacts does the harvesting/use/extraction of trees produce?

  • Loss of habitat for many species
  • Soil dries out without protection of trees from suns heat
  • Lands can become barren and eroded without trees
  • Links between deforestation and global warming are existent: Trees absorb carbon dioxide. Fewer trees means more carbon. More carbon dioxide means an increased greenhouse effect, which leads to global warming.
  • Reduced biodiversity since less animals will have food and homes, food chains and webs altered
  • Soil erosion accelerates with deforestation
  • Disruption of water table
  • Coastal vegetation decreases flooding, without it floods increase

What is Deforestation? (Kinetic Typography)

What are we doing and what can we do to make the use of this resource more sustainable in the future?

Sustainably using resources that come from trees such as paper or lumber

Recycling (so more trees do not need to be cut down)

Eco-friendly land use planning

Legislation deterring extra numbers of trees from being cut down

More corporations such as green peace to protect nature from the effects of the government and industry

Buying and producing products that are used, recycled or green

Going paper-less (take advantage of today's technology)

Planting more trees and protecting forests

Develop on areas that have already been used previously

Using and purchasing less paper products and finding alternatives

(Cloth towels over paper towels)

Deforestation Song