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By Justin, Josie, Lilly, Kaleb, Hunter, Owen

About Ash Mistry

The main character in the book, The Savage Fortress, is an Indian boy named Ash. Ash has black hair, he’s chubby and has a sister named Lucky. In this book Ash doesn’t really have much self confidence. He never believed that could learn martial arts. Ash is also very brave. He stood up to people that could easily kill him. He also took risks that took a lot of bravery. Along with his bravery, he was also very responsible. He always tried to take care of Lucky. Whenever he was told to do something he always did it.

The Savage Fortress

Ash Mistry was not enjoying his summer in India when he stumbles upon an ancient relic. His whole life changes as he is chased by indian monsters. Join Ash Mistry on his adventure into The Savage Fortress.

About Sarwat Chadda

Sarwat Chadda travelled all around the world and learned myths, legends, and cultures from faraway lands. On his trips he was lost in Mongolia, abandoned at a volcano in Nicaragua, hid up in a tree because a rhino was chasing him in Nepal, and he was chased around by police in Tibet. He became a writer because he was scared on his travels, and becoming a writer helped him be safe since he was indoors. He wants to bring unfamiliar tales to the world like ten headed demons and blue skinned heroes. His inspiration to write The Savage Fortress was to visit the actual Savage Fortress.

Important Words in The Savage Fortress

Some important words in The Savage Fortress are:

Kali - she is a Hindu goddess of death and time

Rakshasa - they are Hindu demons that can change shape

Ravana - he is the rakshasa king

Harappan - is an ancient Indian culture

Vishnu - he is the Hindu god of harmony

Aastra - something blessed by the gods

Marma-Adi - the Hindu belief of “death-touch”

Varanasi - a city in India

Cobra - a snake commonly used in snake charming

Sacrifice - to give up something that is rightfully yours