Easter Prayer Walk (mail version)

March 25-31, 2013


A recent Wycliffe prayer bulletin contained six items about Scripture translations nearing completion in Philippine languages. We, and you our partners, have played a part in each one. And now we can together play another very special part.

Join us this Easter Week in sharing Jesus' passion by praying for one group each day. Like the women running from the tomb, or the disciples rushing back to Jerusalem from Emmaus, may our prayers be used to help "hurry the news" to others.

The full set of requests is below. Or check in on the Team DuBois Facebook page; we'll post one request each day and pray together in the comments. Or send us an email letting us know you're in and we'll do our best to send a daily email with that day's request.


LUBUAGAN* and LOWER TANUDAN* languages; Philippines; 27,000. Praise God that His Word is impacting the Kalinga people! Recently a dispute arose between two villages, but instead of seeking revenge, one village sought to solve the dispute God's way. Peace now prevails instead of an ongoing cycle of revenge. Work on the New Testament also sped up with the return of the project coordinator, and the team is making good progress checking and revising their texts. Ask the Lord to give the team wisdom and creativity in their work, and that they will know His encouragement and strength as they come up against challenges. The Lubuagan team especially needs the churches and community to become more involved in the project.


KALINGA, BUTBUT; Philippines; 8,000. The translation team had to push their completion date forward, and they are now working to finish by September 2013. Pray that the team will have safe travels and good health. Summy and Bernadette have recurring back pains, and Mabini has another serious health problem. Pray that God will give their colleagues wisdom as they balance the different aspects of their work and home responsibilities. Ask God to keep the Butbut team safe as they carry out this most urgent work. Many school children and youth in the community are seeking God.


MAJUKAYONG; Philippines; 10,000. Praise God for His mighty work in bringing unity to all Majukayong believers, even across denominational boundaries. Pray for Ignacio and other team members who are in the final stages of the Majukayong New Testament project. They are working hard while also handling other responsibilities. Pray that God will help them overcome challenges and allow the New Testament to soon reach the hands of the Majukayong. Ask God to prepare hearts, making them ready to treasure and apply God’s Word to their lives.


MAPUN; Philippines; 40,600. Ask God to grant the project team stamina, grace, and wisdom during the revision of the New Testament, and to provide the right Mapun readers to check the work. Also pray for the team as they have suffered serious health issues. A Mapun believer is taking great risk as he shares the Gospel with his people, only a handful of whom are believers. Pray for God’s protection and courage for him. Pray that his faith will keep growing and that a strong church will be established.


PALANAN AGTA; Philippines; 1,500. Ask God to provide the consultant help needed to finish checking the New Testament books. Pray for wisdom about whether to print the New Testament or use another media form. Ask God to raise up Agta media specialists who can be trained to do dubbing, recording, and videography so the Scriptures can reach more people. Thank the Lord for daily prayer meetings Agta believers are holding, and pray for them as they reach out to nearby towns. Lift up the Agta leaders in prayer, that they will grow more in the knowledge of God and be transformed to His image.


PALAWANO, SOUTHWEST; Philippines; 12,000; New Tribes Mission. Great progress was made last year. The New Testament was typeset in September and sent for printing. Pray that the printing and binding processes will go smoothly, and that God will protect the New Testaments as they are shipped to the island of Palawan. As plans are made for a Scripture dedication in mid-2013, ask God to give joy to the Palawano and create in them a deep desire to be conformed to the image of Christ.


Did you ever wonder why Jesus didn't just go directly to heaven after His resurrection? Surely He was eager to be back at His Father's side! Yet He stayed on earth long enough to be sure those He loved knew — firsthand and in person — that He was alive. That news changed their lives, and they shared it with everyone around them. Thank God today for all those He used to give you the news of His resurrection, and in your own language. Rejoice that these six language communities will soon have the story of Jesus in their heart language, too. Then together we can shout to the world: HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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