Kalisa Patel

"The zebra and the elephant"

There was a zebra, called Marissa she was walking to the beach for relaxation. She lays out on her matt, on the sand. She goes diving into the ocean seeing the creatures and the plants. Then her foot gets caught on a piece of coral. She is screaming and panicking for help. On the beach, there is an elephant called Sam, he hears something. He looks towards the ocean and sees the zebra screaming for help. Sam goes into the water going to where the zebra is and is trying to pull her foot out of the coral. Sam says, "Is your leg hurting when I pull?" Marissa says, "No." He pulls her leg out and they bot swim to shore, Marissa says, "Thank you so much for helping me!" Sam says, "No problem." The walk away, the next day Marissa was walking on the a trail and sees the same elephant she saw yesterday

in a net. Marissa opens her mouth and starts chewing on the net to rip it open. She finally lets the elephant go after 10 minutes. The elephant says, "Thank you" and the zebra says

"Your welcome" Marissa is thinking that kindness is a good thing and that if, someone helps you, then you should repay them back with doing something that they need help with. She says "What comes around goes around" and walks away.