Massachusetts 54th Exhibit

A look at the Massachusetts 54th all African american unit

Who were the Massachusetts 54th

They were the first all African American unit in the civil war. At the begging of their training they were uneducated and did not obey orders. They got paid less than white soldiers the got $10 instead of $13.


they got paid less than whites. They were not trusted to go into battle so they were used for manual labor instead.

South Carolina

when they got back into to south Carolina they were greeted by slaves because it was a slave sate one of the men said " That's right escaped slave are back" or something along those lines. Some were scared that they would be caught a forced back into slavery but they knew the were fighting for a good cause

First assignment

When they were given their first assignment they thought it was just to get supplies but the of general lied to them they ended up burning a town stealing peoples thing and beating women for no reason but pure selfishness.

Fort Wagner

Shaw volunteered then to be the first or