Best Places Along The Nile

The Nile River

1st Place: Aswan Dam

Even though its in the city its just a un forgettable view you must see! The Aswan High Dam was first built between the 1960's and the 1970's. It is located in Egypt, Africa. It was made a dam because the Nile River flooded everywhere making it a problem for people and it would go down the valley from East Africa. It doesn't pollute the water which is a good thing. It has impacted animals a lot because some animals lost there food because the fish there died. Of course it is right by the Nile River.

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2nd Place: Lake Tana

Just like the Lake Victoria, another good place to sit and read by a mini beach. The main source of Lake Tana is the Blue Nile. Its connected to the Blue Nile river. It is some what closed to the Red Sea. It goes through cannons when its on it long journey. But the water then gets really muddy/dirty. It does overflow when it rains. The largest lake in Ethiopia. It has some islands in the lake.

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There is also the White Nile and the Blue Nile

3rd Place: Lake Victoria

Its like a mini beach. Watch people fish and relax. Lake Victoria is about the same size as Lake Tana. John Hanning reached it. It has a rushing torrent. Its main source comes from the White Nile. Is has a lot of grasslands by it or in it. People that live around that area like to fish and make it start getting polluted.

Longest. River. In. The. World. The Nile

4th Place: Great Bend

It is just beautiful to look at. I think it just a good idea to stop and see it some time. It has been famous throughout history. It has 6 cataracts also known as waterfalls. . Ancient people unloaded their be longings or trades in these places. Its like a mountain and water surrounding it making it look cool.