spiny dogfish shark project

Ryan Ray

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Spiny Dogfish shak classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: chondrichthyes
Order: elasmobranchii
Family: Squaliformes
Genus: Squalidae
Species: squalus

Life span of a spiney dogfish shark and its habitat

A Spiny Dogfish shark can live from 30 to 100 years. The tend to live anywhere between the surface of the water and 400 ft deep. It live along the north west and east coasts of the U.S.
It also inhabits the southern tip of south America. they have also been found in south Africa the north western and eastern parts of Asia and Australia.

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spiny dogfish shark exterior anatomy

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interior parts of spiny dogfish shark

Heart: A muscle that pumps oxygenated blood through the body
Stomach: Digests and breaks down food
Liver: stores carbs and helps control bleeding
Esophagus: A long tube that goes from the oral cavity into the stomach
Small intestine: it sends minerals, proteins and carbohydrates into the blood stream
Large intestine: it adsorbs the remaining nutrients left in the chyme
Kidney:controls the salt content in your body
Lateral lines: Helps the shark detect food and predators around it
Gills: is used mainly for gase exchange in the fish also a ventalation system for the fish allowing it to breath
Pancreas: produces digestive substances, also produces insulin and other different digestive hormones