The Road to Perseverance

Ammar Sadiq May 2016

My definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is a way of saying keep on trying until you succeed

Compare and Contrast: Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt

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Cronological Sequence: Nadja Solerno - Sonnenberg

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Eleanor Roosevelt in office

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Nadja playing violin in 1983

Description: Jay-z

When Jay-Z was 33 years old, his father had died from liver ailment. Even though His father left when he was 12. He was Sad that his father Adnis reeves. Had died. He showed resilience when his father had passed away. In December of 1999, Jay-Z was charged for first degree assault. But turns out he wasn't guilty for that crime it was someone else. In 2006, Jay-Z had estimated net worth of 320 million dollars, Owned a manhattan skyscrapper, part of the New Jersey Nets Basketball team,. Later on in 2008 Jay-Z got married quietly but lavishly to beyonce in New York City. In 2013 2K told Jay-Z that he will be the DJ choosing the songs for the NBA 2K13 video game. He One A grammy reward for best rap album. In 2012 Jay-Z Relocated the The New Jersey Nets Basketball team to Brooklyn so they are now called the Brooklyn Nets.

Problem and solution: Carp

A long time ago In Kyoto, There was a man named Maruyama Okyo. He was one of the greatest painter in Japan. He had a student named Rosetsu. For over a year Okyo tried to teach Rosetsu how to paint but he kept on failing. One day he Quietly left the school and gave up, wanting either to go home or kill himself. He got tired on just went home to slip. A few hours later he woke up and heard a strange noise. He went to his window to look. Then out came water in his face. He saw a carp Trying to get a sembei. He kept on trying and trying and trying to get a piece of that sembei. The sembei was on top of a sharp piece of ice. The carp kept on trying, every time he tried to get the sembei he would get cut and the scale on it kept getting cut off. That's when Rosetsu realized from the carp that since the carp was trying to succeed and never give up, he should do the same. After this he went to the temple and prayed to succeed. Later he went back to kyoto and did very well. He became the best student okyo has ever taught. In fact he became one of japan's greatest painters.
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Cause and effect: Jackie Robinson

One day in 1910 after a game in Indiana. The Brooklyn Dodgers decided to stay in a hotel for the night and go back home in the morning. But when they got inside the hotel the clerk saw the African American baseball players. The clerk said no because of the black players. Branch Ricky protested and asked if they could have rooms to stay in. But the clerk still said no. He said the only way you can stay here is that all of them have to stay in one room. So they said yes and stayed inside the same room the whole night. But during the night branch Ricky saw one of the crying and trying to peel off his skin. Branch Ricky asked why was he doing. The player said that he was trying to peel off his skin color because if he wasn't black, it would've been a easier life for him. That's when he came up with The Noble Experiment. He decided to let a African American baseball player name Jackie Robinson on His plan. In his first Game their were a lot f people who doubted Jackie Robinson. But after that he showed how good he really was at baseball. Later on Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier for all sports and got elected into the baseball Hall Of Fame.
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Jackie Robinson during a game