Food Serivce Entrepreneurs

Food Service Entrepreneurs Aka Restaurant Owners: What Do They Do?

As a restaurant owner , who has all the responsibilities of maintaining and running the business. Some owners have various managers who supervise specific departments and then give feedback. Others take care of every one of the aspects of the restaurant.

Skills And Personal Characterisitcs

The owner must hire someone to take care of many of the required daily functions of the business , and perform these jobs personally. This includes overseeing ordering, and tracking all of the food, supplies, equipment ( inside and outside), the parking lot and any other property of the business. When dealing with the environment, they must have a calm , good mood , because the environment can get a little chaotic.

Education: What is Required?

There is no specific educational requirements to be a restaurant owner. It is very helpful to have extended background working in the food service industry and further education. Receiving a two or four year degree in hospitality and restaurant management provides a good background.

Working Environment: What is it Like?

A restaurant can be a tense and chaotic environment at times, which must be handled in a rational way. Restaurant owners have to make decisions during emergencies. They must be able to manage the employees of the FIRST person to arrive and the LAST to leave.

Salary: How Much Do They Make?

The average salary of a restaurant owner is at 79,222 per year. The number varies for different regions of the country. This is a full time position.
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Kevin Novellino, owner of Brooklyn Boyz Pizzeria . Brooklyn Boyz Pizzaria opened in the early 2000s at 110 N. Linn St. in 2011. Novellino, who actually is a native of upstate New York, said when he opened the business that he was looking to create "a real New York-style deli" with an intimate atmosphere and 300-year-old recipes passed down from his ancestors who lived in Naples, Italy.

Today, that tradition continues as the eatery serves up pizza, calzones, stromboli, pasta, salads, appetizers, fresh-made soups and oven-baked subs.

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Erik Frank the creator of Your Nutrition Delivered. It is a healthy food delivery service in New Orleans. Your Nutrition Delivered provides fresh meals to clients who may have few options to eat healthily at work. Since winning the Big Idea business pitch at last year's Entrepreneur Week, the company has made inroads into Hollywood South. But it also has expanded into local corporations interested in reducing health care costs and boosting employee productivity.